Armada Commander


Armada Commander

Armada Commander is a strategy game where players control their space fleet to engage with enemies in Epic Space battles for the liberation of the Omegus Galaxy !

The game offers an exciting mixture of real time ship building,fleet management and strategic battles with 12 different alien races.

Game Features :-

  • 32 levels of Strategic battles.
  • 12 different space environments to explore with vivid backgrounds.
  • More than 150 different enemy ships ranging from battleships to assault fighters.
  • Real-time ship production and Manual/AI controlled targeting mechanism.
  • Variety of weapons systems including bullets,plasma,missile and laser canons.
  • Capture Space Canons to fire upon the enemy ships.
  • Salvage the space stations for the liberation of Omegus Galaxy.
  • Leader-boards and achievements to compete with players globally.
  • Hours of game play with each level having 8-9 enemy waves to test your skills.