Armada Commander

Armada Commander is a space fighting game which offers an exciting fusion of space battles with elements of tower defense using fleet of battleships to blast alien foes for glory. This space war is requesting the very best of you.

Can you help destroy the waves of aliens which are trying to destroy your fleet? Use your very best skills to come out as a winner in this mix of space-battle tactical game & space action real time strategy.

In Armada Commander, you are the commander of Emperial space fleet set out to liberate the space stations of fallen Omegus Galaxy from the clinches of alien foes by defeating them in epic space battles! Select and start your best starships & spaceships in order to dominate and outplay the stubborn alien waves of attacks.


► 5 Different classes of space fleet with stunning graphics usual for the best rts games!
- During space battles command a massive fleet with variety of spaceships ranging from assault ships, battleships, destroyers to massive cruisers.

► Over 150 alien spaceships to defeat!
- Engage in fierce space battles with 12 different alien races having variety of spaceships including destroyers, battleships and dreadnoughts.

► Real-time space fleet management!
- Strategically build and deploy Emperial starships continuously to engage in space battle with multiple hostile alien spaceships present in different sectors of Omegus Galaxy. Showcase sharp thinking and make the right decisions if you want to be one of the very best players in our galactic battle space game.

Upgrade your space fleet of spaceships!
- 50+ research modules to upgrade armor, shield and weapons of your starships to counter alien foes during space wars. That’s how we are certain you will enjoy Armada Commander as one of the best space war games.

Hours of engaging space action!
- In each sector face multiple waves of alien space fleets to challenge your space combat skills. During space combats complete missions to gain tactical advantages against aliens and reclaim space stations. It Is a perfect mix of space combats and real time strategy games.

Beautiful 2D galaxy graphics!
- Explore the vivid graphics of the space arena with highly detailed cosmic objects like planets, asteroids fields. We promise you will enjoy one of the very best graphics seen in rts space war games.

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